In April 2002, the coalition for the Fort Rouge and River Heights areas was established.  We are funded by the Government of Manitoba, Department of Families. In 2004 familiesforward was adopted as a less cumbersome, more descriptive and recognizable name for our coalition. Using the expertise of our coalition members and data from the Understanding the Early Years program, familiesforward run direct programming through our Kids@Play playgroups, accepts grant applications from community-based organizations, and partners on initiatives to target areas of need.  We run programs and fund opportunities that promote the four guiding principles deemed necessary for healthy child and family development:  Literacy, Parenting, Nutrition and Community Capacity Building.

familiesforward is run by a coalition of community partners, who give guidance to the Coordinator.  We have part time staff who are our coordinator and program facilitators.  For our coalition members, we have adopted a structure that includes three types of participation: Active, Involved, and Informed, as outlined in the coalition’s Terms of Reference. Any community members or groups are welcome to participate in familiesforward and are encouraged to bring their areas of expertise or community concerns to our meetings.

familiesforward: working in the community for the community.