Granting Criteria

 DEADLINE NOVEMBER 30th, 2018 for projects taking place January -August 2019

Healthy Together Now! (HTN!) Funds can be used to support physical activity, nutrition, mental wellness and smoke free living initiatives in Fort Rouge and River Heights community areas. The Fort Rouge-River Heights Neighbourhood Resource Network HTN! funds can be used by the community to develop projects or enhance existing programs. HTN! funds supports activities that reduce barriers to participation. Grants of $500 to $3,000 will be awarded but can vary based on program activities and available funds.

Partnerships between community groups and service providers are encouraged. The goal is to work together collaboratively to increase participation at the community level using evidence based best practice models. All activities must be free for all to participate.

Healthy Together Now is a community-led, regionally coordinated and government supported, grassroots program to help prevent chronic disease in Manitoba.

See the website:

All grants are now completed through the online process. Click the above link for the application and more information.  Please note, there have been reports of issues with the online system.  This is now resolved.  Please contact us if you continue to experience technical problems before the deadline and we will work with you to get the application in.

Project Costs Can Include

  • Contract facilitators/leaders
  • Transportation costs to facilitate community members access project activities
  • Nutritious Food for role modeling
  • Child minding
  • Equipment that promotes access, affordability and availability
  • Promotion and communication
  • Materials and supplies
  • Volunteer incentives or honorariums
  • Safety and security associated with project
  • Project supplies
  • Rental of space if no other free option is available in the community

Project Types May Include

  • Special training & development courses, mentors, supports for leaders
  • Nutritious food for community kitchens/cooking classes
  • Cooking supplies/equipment
  • Facilitator costs to support physical activity, nutrition education, smoking prevention, mental wellness
  • exercise equipment for a variety of programs
  • Resources/tools for exercise, nutrition or smoking prevention projects
  • Promotional materials such as posters and brochures
  • First aid kits
  • Garden development supplies
  • Health & activity fairs
  • Fitness leader fees
  • Community safety initiatives that support healthy living

Items Not Covered

  • Permanent staffing
  • Office space rental or purchase of office equipment
  • Profit making activities
  • Large cost items that cannot meet the needs of a large number of people (i.e. treadmills)
  • Capital costs such as building repairs, renovations
  • Team uniforms
  • Ongoing transportation costs to programs/events/destinations not related to a specific HTN! project

Additional Eligibility Requirements

  • Projects must benefit Fort Rouge/River Heights community members.
  • Nutritious and safe food must be provided at all sessions (e.g. hotdogs, fast food will not be covered).
  • When projects are delivered they should aim to support and incorporate healthy living principles and/or activities (physical activity, nutrition, mental wellness and smoking prevention).
  • Projects should aim to reduce barriers to community participation.